Cydia frozen updating sources

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Now, if you press and hold the OK/Enter button for a few seconds, you will pull up the context menu.

In the future, long press may be extended for additional functionality.

The i OS 11 has been released, which brings not only new features, but full performance improvements.

If you want to try, check how to updateto i OS 11 .

How to FIX :- Many of the users who jailbreak their device used free method to Download Cydia then a fresh jailbreak once again solves your problem this is the most trusted and the easiest way till now.

Apple has just released the i OS 9 which is the latest version for their mobile operating system.

This is a detailed guide on how to upgrade i OS 10 from i OS 9.3.5/4/3/2, we will show you from the very start of preparing i Phone i Pad for i OS 10 upgrade.

Before we start to update i Phone i Pad to i OS 10.0.3, you should know that current i OS 10 version comes with various i OS 10 upgrade bugs and glitches (don't worry, we will solve those i OS 10 update problems one by one later), and the official i OS 10 was available now and the i OS 10 compatible i Phone starts with i Phone 5, i Pad mini, and i Pod Touch 5.

The first big step in making Kodi better at communicating with you, the user, is the addition of event logging.If you are experiencing the i OS 9 Update Stuck at Update Requested Issue, then the don’t worry.This is an official feature that Apple included to i OS Devices when i OS 8 was released last year.With i OS 10 versions earlier than i OS 10.3.3, there is a critical Wi-fi vulnerability named Broadpown bug, which will allow the nearby hackers to take over the targeted i OS 10 updated devices.It's simple to fix the i OS 10 update problem by updating to i OS 11 or i OS 10.3.3, which has released a patch to the bug.

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