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The wrecks of a medieval fishing boat and two 18th-century merchant ships which reveal Britain's trading past have been given protected status.

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The larger vessel is believed to be the remains of the , which ran aground on the sands in 1769, while bound for Bristol from Oporto in Portugal, with a cargo of port wine.All three are rare survivals of wooden sailing vessels found in English waters and have been protected as part of an investigation of pre-1840 shipwreck sites by government heritage agency Historic England.The earliest of the three wrecks, known as the Axe Boat, was unrecorded before it emerged out of the mud on the west side of the Axe River in south Devon in 2001.The western boundary with Cornwall was set at the River Tamar by King Æthelstan in 936.Devon was constituted as a shire of the Kingdom of England thereafter.

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