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This class finds the difference between two lists and provides the updated list as an output.This class is used to notify updates to a Recycler View Adapter. Callback is an abstract class and used as callback class by Diff Util while calculating the difference between two lists.The user has to scroll up and down to see more items and that’s when the recycling and reuse comes into play.As soon as a user scrolls a currently visible item out of view, this item’s view can be recycled and reused whenever a new item comes into view.Every single step of indexing of resources being monitored by programming professionals.

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If the List View is in a particular choice mode, it will handle all the details of displaying a checkable interface, keeping track of check marks and toggling all that stuff back and forth when individual items are tapped.To achieve this, we often fetch the data from server and update the newly received items.When the content of our list gets changed, we have to call notify Data Set Changed() to get the updates but it is very costly.We ONLY index the issues/questions, to find a qualified solution, our visitors have to visit respective sites.As of Jan 2016 stats, 50,000 unique visitors/webmasters visit us every day to get benefited from this index.

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