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I have a line chart in a report (rdlc), that I cannot get formatted correctly. 1) The x-axis is a date, right now it is being displayed as the full date with time, and I want it to be displayed as mm/dd/yyyy. So any ideas on how to get it into the mm/dd/yyyy format?

I have attempted to change this by using This is exactly how I saw it in Microsoft's examples, even the one included in VS2008 (what I am using), but for some reason it says that . 2) I want the values that are being plotted not to be there actual value but the previous values before added to the value.

When I try to use the filter option it for some reason makes the chart just a flat line.

Any suggestions to any of these problems or a link to a good tutorial would be great as I am new to using these reports. Update: I have accomplished these by applying changes to the actual data being supplied, I would still like to know an easier better way to do this.

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